How to eliminate overstay

Overstay, also known as “illegal stay”, contains two meanings to be precise:

  1. Illegal entry : When there is an illegality at the time of entry.
    When you use a counterfeit passport, enter the country by false name, age, nationality, etc., or enter the country without going to the country without immigration.
  2. illegal residency
    A person who has obtained a suitable residency status and stayed in Japan even after the expiration of his/her residency status has expired.

In both of the above cases, overstaying may be a reason for deportation, so you may be arrested or prosecuted.

If you are deported back to your home country, you will not be able to re-land in Japan for five years.

Moreover, even if the re-landing prohibition period passes, it is not always possible to obtain the next visa. The reason is that it becomes difficult to obtain the visa than usual because the fact that it overstay is recorded by the immigration tract.


◆Special permission to stay in Japan: How to be exempted from deportation by overstay

Even if you are overstayed, if you apply for circumstances and if you have a special permit from the Minister of Justice, you can stay in Japan as it is.

This may be permitted if you marry a Japanese person, want to raise a child with a Japanese person in Japan, or if you have a long stay in Japan. However, it is not always admitted because the circumstances are judged individually.

When applying for a special residence permit, be aware that there is a risk of deportation (forced deportation) if not granted.
Also, it will take a long time to be approved. It may take a few months at the earliest, but it can take a year or more. In the meantime, it is not easy because there are many interviews and home visits.

In order to obtain a special residence permit, it is essential that you consult us as soon as possible.