Procedures for obtaining a spousal visa for an international marriage

If a foreigner marries a Japanese, he or she can obtain a visa for a “Japanese spouse”.

However, due to the increasing number of sham marriages in recent years, the requirements to be recognized as married are We are very strict. The immigration authorities make decisions based on the documents they review, so if there are any discrepancies in your application or in the documents you submit, they will not be able to determine whether or not you are eligible for a visa. They may suspect a sham marriage and it may take a long time to get a visa, and in some cases, it may not be approved.

Don’t think it’s safe to assume that because you are married to a Japanese person, your answers to the questionnaire and the documents to prove it will be safe. It is important to do this carefully after a thorough check. The following are the basic documents, which will vary depending on the circumstances of the person making the application.

  1. A copy of the family register (if there is no description of the marriage, then the “Certificate of Acceptance of Marriage Registration” is required.
  2. a copy of the certificate of residence of all Japanese nationals (with all members of the household listed)
  3. Certificate of occupation and income of a Japanese national or his/her spouse who is a foreign national(Certificate of Employment, Certificate of Taxation (or Certificate of Tax Exemption) and Certificate of Tax Payment)
  4. Vouchers for Japanese residing in Japan

Also, as a prerequisite for submitting the above-mentioned copy of the family register, you need to prepare the following documents related to a foreign national in order to register your marriage with the Japanese town hall (the required documents differ slightly from one town hall to another, so be sure to check them before submitting your application).

If your foreign spouse is already living in Japan

  1. Passport (if not available, an official document such as a birth certificate or photo ID card can be substituted)
  2. Residence card
  3. Certificate of Legal capacity to contract marriage (available at the local embassy in your country. If you want to get married abroad, you do not need to do so.)

If you invite a foreign spouse residing in a foreign country to Japan

  1. Birth certificate
  2. Nationality certificate
  3. Certificate of Legal capacity to get married (not required if you are getting married abroad first)

*Documents written in a foreign language, such as a Certificate of Legal capacity to contract marriage, must be accompanied by a Japanese translation. The name and address of the translator should be included in the translation and the translator’s seal should be stamped.

When you apply for a “Spouse of a Japanese National” visa, you must, in principle, apply for the visa not only in Japan, but also for your spouse’s The marriage must also be established in the home country.

If the marriage is valid only in Japan, but not in the spouse’s home country (and vice versa), the marriage must be validated in the home country. Please note that there are cases where a visa may not be granted.

The requirements for international marriages vary from country to country (especially the period of prohibition against remarriage after divorce), so it is important to note that , it is important to make sure that you are sure.