What is a visa for specific activities (old parent support) when calling an elderly parent?

If you have a “Spouse of a Japanese National Visa” and wish to invite your elderly parents to Japan, you cannot do so on a “Permanent Resident” visa.

If you want to invite your elderly parents to Japan, your elderly parents must have a “short stay” visa (15, 30 or 90 days) to call in the principle.

However, the maximum period is 90 days, so it is not possible for them to live in Japan together.

However, if it is determined that there are special circumstances where living together is a humanitarian consideration, and If you have one, you can call in a visa for specific activities.

This specific activity visa is not explicitly stated in law as an official visa in the first place, so it is not allowed It is a very difficult visa to receive a

Here’s a summary of the requirements for applying for a specific activity visa when you call your elderly parents, so Please check.


Being a senior citizen

Regarding the age of the parents, there are no clear criteria to begin with, but judging from the permit cases, the guideline As for the age of 70 or older.

Of course, even if you are under 70 years of age, you can still receive a permit and a permit depending on your individual circumstances (e.g., if you have a serious illness) In some cases, it is possible to do this.

No relatives and being alone.

If you and your husband are able to live together, you can help each other out, so you can live with each other, and you can specify It is unlikely that a married couple will be able to obtain a visa together.

The only relatives who can take care of you in your old age are your children who live in Japan.

This is a situation where the only children living in Japan are the ones you can rely on.

If you live in a different country and have already lost contact with your child, or if you have contact with your child, but are unable to support him/her financially It is possible to do so even if you are not in a position to do so.

The purpose of the visit is to provide for the parents. The receiving Japanese child must be financially able to support his or her parents.

Since this is an old-parent dependent visa, the activities allowed to the parent who called in the child will receive support.

There is no set amount of annual income, but the child must be able to earn enough money to make the support possible. You need to be able to afford it, have a stable income, etc.

These are the basic requirements for applying for a specific activity visa when calling an elderly parent.

Please note that even if you meet these requirements, the results may vary depending on your individual circumstances.