Change of visa (change of status of residence)


If you want to change your current status of residence (visa) due to employment, marriage, job change, etc., you need to apply for a permit to change your status of residence.

You can apply to the Immigration Bureau at any time to change your status of residence if you are within your period of stay. In addition, the period until permission is granted depends on the contents, but it will be about one month from the application.

◆ Example of visa change

1. If you are an international student and want to graduate from school and get a job at a company

Change to a work visa that can work for “technical, humanities knowledge, international business,” etc.

*Even if you are not a university student, you can change to a work visa if you are awarded the title of “professional” at a vocational school. However, please note that once you return to your home country, it will become invalid.

2. If you marry a Japanese (or permanent resident)

Change your visa to “Japanese spouse, etc.” or “Permanent resident spouse, etc.”

3.If you divorce a Japanese person (or permanent resident)

Change to “resident” or work visa.

*Please consult us in advance as much as possible because the judgment varies depending on the number of years of marriage, the presence or absence of children, occupation, etc.

4. If you leave a company, establish a company in Japan, and become president (representative director)

Change Visa to “Management”.

*Please consult with us in advance because there are requirements that must be cleared, such as the amount of investment and the number of employees.

5. If you change jobs and your status of residence changes

Change visas from “technical, humanities knowledge, international business”, etc. to “skills”, etc.

*It is necessary to consider in advance based on your background, qualifications, company performance, work content, etc.


  • In principle, changes from the status of residence “short-term stay” are not permitted (in some cases, possible).
  • Even if you have multiple statuses of residence, only one is allowed.