How to apply for a visa with the immigration authorities

The flow from the request to the results at the immigration office.

1. Please make an appointment for an interview using the interview reservation form. 【Customer】

2. At the interview, we will discuss the future policies and procedures according to the current situation, necessary documents, etc.
【Customers and our office】

3. If there is no problem, please transfer the cost or pay by credit card. 【Customer】

4. We will start preparation of application documents as soon as we receive the necessary information. In addition, we will proceed with the collection of necessary documents (if requested) in parallel.【Our Office】

5. Please sign and seal the application documents created by our office. 【Customer】

6. We will make a final confirmation when all the documents are gathered, and if there is no problem, we will apply.
【Our Office】

7. Examination at the Immigration Bureau (Legal Affairs Bureau in case of naturalization)

8. Permission