Regarding the change from a technical internship visa to a spouse visa (marriage to a technical intern)

If you are a technical internship student who is marrying a foreigner residing in Japan, you must change your visa status from a technical internship visa to a spouse visa. Is it possible to stay in Japan without returning to my home country?

Basically, you cannot do this.

This is because it goes against the technical internship system.
The purpose of this system is to allow trainees to acquire skills in Japan, and then use those skills after returning to their home country to contribute to the development of the country.

Therefore, once the technical internship visa expires, you will have to return to your home country. Unless there are special circumstances, it may be difficult to change to another visa during your stay in Japan.

In addition, technical intern trainees come to Japan for training through business cooperatives, etc., and there is a clause in the contract with these cooperatives, etc. that prohibits marriage during the training period.

The only exceptions to this are when you have permission to marry from your union, or when your spouse is pregnant. If you are married to a technical intern and have a spouse visa, it is possible that the change to a spouse visa may be approved.

So what if you are not in exceptional circumstances?

In this case, instead of changing from a technical internship visa to a spouse’s visa, you should return to your home country once We recommend that you do this before you proceed with the application for a marriage or spouse visa. It is easier to apply for a marriage or spouse’s visa after that, which makes it easier for the Immigration Bureau to examine your application.