Procedures for applying for medical stay visas and required documents

Please check the procedure for applying for a medical stay visa.

1.Foreign patients who are considering receiving treatment at a medical institution in Japan will contact one of them by referring to the list of guaranteed agencies (medical coordinators, travel agencies, etc.) registered with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry or the Japan Tourism Agency.

2.The acceptance medical institution is decided through this identity guarantee institution.

3.Obtain the “Certificate of Medical Examination Schedule by Medical Institution and Certificate of Identity by Identity Guarantee” from the Identity Guarantee Agency.

4.Apply for a visa from the Japanese Embassy or Consulate General of Japan in the country of a foreign patient. The documents required for this are as follows.

(a) Passport
(b) Photo identification
(c) Visa application form
(d) Certificate of expected medical examination by a medical institution and a certificate of identity guarantee by a guarantor
(e) Proof of a certain level of economic power.For example, a bank balance certificate.
(f) Documents for identification
(g) Certificate of Eligibility (only if the duration of a single stay in Japan exceeds 90 days)
(h) Treatment schedule (only if you need to visit Japan for treatment over several visits)

If you are traveling with a companion, only the documents listed in (a), (b), (c) and (f) are required. These documents may vary from country to country, so it is advisable to check with the Japanese Embassy in your country.

If you are going to be hospitalized for a period of more than 90 days at a time, you must have “status of residence (special activities)”.

In order to obtain this “status of residence (special activity)”, please refer to the documents required to be submitted to each regional immigration office as shown below.

Common necessary documents for foreign patients and companions

  1. Application for Certificate of Eligibility
  2. Photo identification
  3. Returned envelope (affiliated envelope with a 392-yen stamped envelope (for registered mail) with your address written on it)
  4. Documents that prove your identity (e.g., an ID card)

Required documents for foreign patients only

  1. A certificate of acceptance issued by a Japanese hospital, etc. (Certificate of Acceptance for Foreign Patients)
  2. Materials explaining the planned activities of the foreign patient during his/her stay

    (a) Materials (pamphlets, guides, etc.) related to the hospital
    (b) Treatment Schedule
    (c) Documentation that identifies where you will stay before or after you are discharged from the hospital (including the location of your stay and contact information)
  3. Proof of ability to pay all expenses for your stay in the country by one of the following

    (a) Certificate of payment of advance payments, deposits, etc. to hospitals, etc.
    (b) A copy of the membership certificate and policy clause of the private medical insurance (which proves that the expenses for the treatment, etc. are paid by the medical insurance you have taken out
    (c) Certificate of Deposit Balance
    (d) Letter of guarantee of payment by the sponsor or supporting organization

Required documents for accompanying persons only

  1. Materials explaining the planned activities of your companion during their stay. (Describe the schedule of the stay, the place of stay, contact information and the relationship with the foreign patient.
  2. Proof of the companion’s ability to pay all expenses for the companion’s stay.

The above is an explanation of the documents required to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility.

However, you may be asked to submit other documents in addition to the above.