What are the costs?

In order to obtain a permit on the first application, our office prepares its own documents to increase the likelihood of obtaining a permit, such as various statements of circumstances and letters of appeal. Although these documents are optional, the result will be completely different if you have them or not. An inexperienced government lawyer can only prepare general documents, which may result in a disallowance and However, even in such cases, we have been able to obtain a number of permits for our clients. If you want to get your permit in the shortest possible time, please contact us.

List of application fees

Types of Visa Status Applications Fee excluding tax Remarks
Application for Certificate of Eligibility ¥99,500 ~ 138,000 This is an application for calling a foreigner living in a foreign country to Japan. “Working visa”, “Japanese spouse”, “training”, etc. are applicable.
Application for permission to change status of residence ¥100,000 Stamp fee 4,000 yen not included. In the case of renewal, there is a difference in price due to the case where the workplace is changed.
Application for permission to renew your period of stay ¥44,800~
Application for specific skill No. 1 ¥179,000 If multiple people apply at the same time, we will quote a discount price from the second person.
Application for technical training visa ¥129,000~ If you apply for multiple people at the same time, it will be 59,000 yen per person from the second person.
Application for Refugee Status ¥149,800〜 There is a difference in price depending on the area, content, and conditions.
Application for naturalization permission
(Special permanent residents who are salaried employees or spouses)
¥149,800 +49,800 yen per additional family member (half price for those under 15 years old, +24,900 yen per person)
Application for naturalization permission
(Salaries, spouses other than special permanent residents)
Application for naturalization permission
(Special permanent resident, business owner, company manager, officer, etc.)
Application for naturalization permission
(Business owners, company managers, officers, etc. other than special permanent residents)
Permanent residence application ¥109,000 +36,000 yen for each additional family member. Stamp cost 8,000 yen separately.
Application for special residence permit ¥200,000 Please contact us for details as it depends on the content.
Application for work qualification certificate ¥80,000 It is used when changing jobs. Fee for writing reason and explanation. Stamp cost 680 yen separately.
Application for permission to engage in activities other than qualifications ¥45,000 It is necessary when working part-time.
Application for short stay visa(15th, 30th, 90th) ¥38,000 As a general rule, this visa does not allow activities with income.
Interview (per hour) ¥7,000 If you request us, we will apply the interview fee to the application fee, so it will be virtually free.

◆The above rates are for one person. If two or more people apply for this service, they will receive a 10% discount.

◆It takes about two to three weeks to receive a certificate of eligibility for renewal or work permit, one to four months for a certificate of recognition or change of status, six to eight months for a permanent residence permit, and eight months to one year for a naturalization permit, unless you have special circumstances.

◆With the exception of application for naturalization, our agency’s fees include the cost of documentation, transportation, postage, communication, daily allowance, etc. (In the case of an application for naturalization, the document preparation fee is included in the agency fee. All other costs will be settled at the Legal Affairs Bureau upon receipt of the application).