advanced human resources point system

“advanced human resources point system” is a system for immigration control that utilizes a point system for “highly skilled foreign nationals” in order to proactively accept excellent foreign nationals.


To be certified as a “Highly Talented Foreigner” and obtain a “Highly specialized occupations” visa, you need to have at least 70 points is. Points are calculated based on the content of activities in Japan. Activities in Japan are divided into three categories: “Advanced Academic Research Activities,” “Advanced Professional and Technological Activities,” and “Advanced Management and Administration Activities. It is classified and points are given for each of these categories, such as education, work experience, annual income, and research achievements.

If you have a “Highly specialized occupations” visa, you will benefit from preferential treatment by the immigration authorities and simplified immigration procedures.

How are the scores calculated?

Different categories of applicants have different criteria for assessing points, but the most common items are “educational background,” Work experience, annual income, Japanese language ability, etc.

These items will be checked for each category, and if applicable, the points will be awarded. The total points are calculated by adding them together.

You must also apply for a renewal of your “highly professional visa” every five years. When applying for renewal, the points must be calculated again and you must clear at least 70 points.

In some cases, due to age and changes in annual income, it may not be possible to clear the 70-point total.

If you fail to clear 70 points, you will have to change your visa to a different one. Please contact us as soon as possible.