Application Procedure for Specific Skill No. 1 Visa

Basically, the application for the Special Skills Visa 1 is often made by organizations (companies) that accept foreign personnel. The “Application for a Certificate of Eligibility” for a specific skill is done as follows.

1.Prepare the documents to be submitted (this may vary depending on the industry)
  • Application for Certificate of Eligibility
  • Summary of the organization to which the applicant belongs
  • Certificate of Registered Matters (for corporations). Or a copy of the certificate of residence (for sole proprietorship)
  • A copy of the officer’s certificate of residence (in the case of a corporation)
  • Copies of the financial statements (income statement and balance sheet) (for the last two fiscal years)
  • Labor insurance documents related to the labor insurance of the organization to which the worker belongs (copies of documents kept for labor insurance procedures, etc.)
  • Social insurance documents related to the organization to which the worker belongs (copies of documents kept for social insurance procedures, etc.)
  • Materials related to tax payment by the organization to which the applicant belongs (corporate tax and resident tax certificates, etc.)
  • Copies of specific skilled employment contracts and conditions of employment
  • Explanation of important matters regarding specific skilled employment contracts
  • Explanation that the amount of remuneration for a foreigner with specified skills is equal to or greater than the amount of remuneration for a Japanese person working in the country.
  • Documents that clarify the fees paid to the intermediary prior to entry into Japan
  • Certificate of passing the proficiency test or a certificate of passing the practical skills test (level 3), etc. (varies by industry)
  • Medical Certificate for Specified Skilled Foreigners
  • Support plan
  • Support Agreement (when consigning to a registered support organization)
  • Curriculum vitae of the person responsible for support and the person in charge of support, a copy of the acceptance of the appointment, and a copy of the written pledge of support services (from the host institution) (Not required if the person provides the support themselves. (This is not required if the support is outsourced to a registered support organization).
2. Submit to the place of application

Application Location : Local immigration bureaus or regional immigration bureaus (except airport bureaus)

3.After about 1-2 months of examination, a Certificate of Eligibility will be issued.
4. Send a certificate of eligibility to the foreigner, who then obtains a visa and enters Japan

In addition, one of the following requirements is required for eligible foreign nationals.

  • Those who have passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) and the Daily Conversation Test (N4).
  • Those who have completed 3 years of training as a technical intern.

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